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The technical gatekeeper who reduced the wall thickness difference of the machine tool to 0.05mm

relied on his curiosity and constant research and persistence. Xu Bao has climbed one peak after another in the industry that the state has forced for 30 years. From an ordinary lathe worker to a self-taught senior technician of digital control machine tools, he is now the last technical gatekeeper on the NC production line of Shenyang machine tool

diligence makes up for clumsiness and sharpens a good knife

machine tool is the operation, and turning tool is the key. Whether the lathe work is good depends on a knife. But the fledgling xubaojun knows nothing about sharpening knives. Every time he works, he uses a knife sharpened by his master. After a long time, xubaojun decided to sharpen his knife by himself. But sharpening a knife is not easy. In order to sharpen a knife well, xubaojun has to endure hardships. At the beginning, the heat generated by the friction between the iron bar and the grinding wheel was transmitted to xubaojun's hand by the turning tool, and he even dared not hold it; Because there is no depth under the hands, the high-speed rotating grinding wheel often abrades fingernails, finger belly, joints, and even exposes bones

xubaojun likes to think about how to take a knife and where to place his hand on the grinding wheel to grind the blade straight. The knife groove should be ground as deep as possible, and the angle of forward and backward inclination is right. The masters were moved by xubaojun's tenacity. They taught one thing and another. In addition, xubaojun thought and worked hard. Slowly, xubaojun's knife looked like it

self improvement and mastering the most difficult operation method

xubaojun felt that he had a weak foundation and basic knowledge, so he signed up for the staff technical school. In those days, xubaojun went to work during the day and went home to continue his studies at night. He was busy until late at night every day. With his studiousness, self-improvement, and love of using his brain, xubaojun made great efforts to understand and digest unfamiliar knowledge, including mechanical manufacturing technology, mechanical principles, senior lathe worker guidance series, and so on. He chewed them one by one, and wrote one by one notes on measuring the stress changes on the samples

"Kung Fu pays off". Through self-improvement, xubaojun was finally able to operate the machine tool independently, and the more he worked, the better. Until he mastered the operation method of the most difficult machine tool in the workshop

reduce the wall thickness difference of the machine tool to 0.05mm

the machine tool is the mother bed of all industrial construction, which depends on the machine tool as the foundation, ranging from a certain automobile part to spacecraft, tanks and ships. After the reform of state-owned enterprises, great changes have taken place in the processing and manufacturing level of China's machine tools, but looking at the world, there is still a large gap between China's machine tools and the products of Germany, Japan and other countries. Machine tools in Germany and Japan follow the concept of minimizing the tolerance. It is generally recognized in the Chinese machine tool industry that the use will not be affected as long as the positive and negative tolerances are not exceeded

on the surface, but when it comes to critical links, the 0.01mm tolerance determines the distance between countries in terms of industrial manufacturing level, and determines who can get machine tool orders worth tens of thousands of yuan. Seeing more and thinking more, xubaojun, who is good at studying, pays more attention to machine tool technology. With the improvement of technical level, the company also relies on him more and more. Whenever there is any difficult or heavy work, he will be sent to solve it

in 2013, Shenyang machine tool company undertook the machine tool equipment customized by Harbin AVIC group. This kind of equipment has very strict requirements on the cylinder wall - the diameter of the machine tool for machining propeller transmission shaft parts is 110mm, but the wall thickness is only 1.2mm, and the wall thickness difference is only 0.05mm

0.05mm is thinner than a hair, which is difficult to distinguish with the naked eye. Moreover, the wall thickness of 1.2mm can be flattened by hand. After the project was contracted, xubaojun thought about how to overcome this difficulty every day when he ate and slept. In practice, he often worked for a long time in vain. One day, xubaojun suddenly thought of a jargon: "the deformation at 3 points is large, the deformation at 6 points is halved, and the deformation at 12 points is zero." Xubaojun had an idea. Why not use the most widely used single screw extruder to clamp the cylinder wall as a whole? Because the use of ferrule for clamping is equivalent to putting a layer of coat on the cylinder wall, processing the inner hole saves time and effort, and ensures the specified deviation. Finally, the equipment is smoothly delivered to Harbin AVIC group

In the past 30 years, xubaojun has done many jobs that others do not want to do, and many difficult and heavy jobs that others cannot do. He started from the skill competition within the group, to the municipal model worker and provincial model worker, to the experimental machine control and test system single chip microcomputer control system, which was rated as the national model worker in 2015, relying on perseverance, courage and a strong heart. Our reporter fangyuening

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