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Small printing houses in the United States: soliciting customers with technology and services

the report on the demise of printing is exaggerated. In order to survive and develop, many small printing houses are investing in technology to provide customers with a range of services from design and digital tracking to mailing. People in a small printing plant in New Hampshire say: it is technology and personal services, such as free door-to-door delivery, that give us a competitive advantage. Some small printing plants in this state have always maintained one-stop live printing, from a few copies to thousands of copies. Let's listen to their stories about digital printing

5 pages or 50000 pages? All right

Frank? As the president of Merrimack creative paper design company, ragana has been in office for 30 years. He experienced the evolution from typesetting and printing to digital technology. From the five-color and two-color Heidelberg lithographic press to the latest digital press, creative paper design companies can provide customers with a printing range of 5 to 50000 pages

ragana said: in the past, if you wanted something with technical content, you had to go to those big companies. For example, production automation is a hot topic in the future technological development of the shoemaking industry. Today, we only need digital printing. The materials that we couldn't do in the past can be done now. Despite the recession, you still need to keep up with technology

creative paper design company focuses on printing direct mail documents, flyers, business cards and brochures. Lagana says they offer these options to rank with the big companies in this field

due to the fierce competition in the printing industry, ragana said that he was ready to find customers, who even came from some unexpected places. Recently, he came across the boss of a company that provides services for families. The customer is a waste collector. Ragana told the waste collector that the company could provide him with its own special packaging box, so that customers would not have to put things in the waste box or waste station downstairs, just like the box with milk bottles at the door of many people's homes, but just by direct mail at the door of their homes. The postman took away the box and sent it by post. Maybe the box was used repeatedly. This is environmentally friendly and economical, and the bar code technology can be mailed according to the information address contained in the bar code. Unexpectedly, this has caused quite a stir in small enterprises. "We will do more and provide our marketing experience to help our customers," ragana said

small commercial printing enterprises also help their customers by providing one-stop services. Ted? Jarvis is the vice president of a printing company based in New Hampshire, Manchester. He connected direct mail with Internet by providing a program. Jarvis said: when you are associated with a network-based movement, you can record the relevant people and things. You can get his information on thin strips and build a customer database based on it

last year, the increase of integrated services, investment in digital printing and personal distribution helped the printing company grow its business by 15%

film and plate making? No need

recently, most printing enterprises using large printing machines have made less profits because of the small volume and strong variability of most printing moving parts. However, owners of small commercial printing plants can purchase or lease digital printing machines, which is beneficial for them to compete with larger printing plants. These bosses say that another reason for their prosperity is that they can provide personalized services, which are not available in larger enterprises

from imagination to practice, Curtis? Bors, the owner of clonia printing factory in Manchester, has been providing printing services for regional enterprises for 40 years and has witnessed various changes. He said: many people are now making their own plans, which are designed with the help of computers. Before, we would hire a full-time typesetter and a designer, which makes the front-end speed of the enterprise slow and directly affects the business. In the past, we used to use film and plate making, but now we are moving towards digital printing

last year, clunhoe rented a color digital printer to meet the changing needs of its customer base, including many non-profit industries, loan associations, banks and schools. The printer not only improves the speed of project completion, but also changes the paper specification within the range it can handle. Copying changes can also be completed in a few minutes, just in contrast to the time required in the past. Of course, he also offers delivery in Manchester

Bors is preparing to transfer ownership of the company to his son Jeff. Jeff started to process and produce on behalf of others, and used social media to expand the enterprise. Young Bors started to create Facebook pages for the company, and provided (2) printing discounts and suggestions according to the material of the samples. The company now has a Google add-on page for customers to share their experiences. Although the company doesn't have specific statistics on the impact of its social media efforts, Bors says they have received a lot of referrals and new customers in the industry

small printing machines also meet the basic needs of many customers - storage. Large one-time printing volume is relatively cheap, but not all customers have a place to store. That's why Michael? Como, the owner of the printing company in Concord and Windham, provides a free storage place for customers who want to reduce prices due to large orders but have no place to store printed products. The company has a large warehouse for customers to store thousands of printed matter. Cuomo said it would be a big help if they reduced the computation and had no place to store it

the company has also recently increased its direct mail service, which has greatly helped it compete with other large printing houses. We made a profit from the very beginning by providing internal rooms, which really helped us a lot. Cuomo said that from design to printing, from direct mail to delivery to the office, customers do not need to intervene at all

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