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Japanese researchers from Shizuoka University and other institutions have recently developed a technology to efficiently convert carbon dioxide into methane, which is expected to greatly reduce carbon dioxide emissions from thermal power plants and factories. The obtained methane can also be used as fuel for commissioning with a hydraulic universal test oil pump

the research team makes the mixed gas of carbon dioxide and hydrogen gather through multiple thin tubes to form a pipe, which is heated at the same time. The mixed gas will undergo a chemical reaction inside the pipe, and methane will come out at the other end of the pipe

although there have been some technologies that can use carbon dioxide as alloy additive and hydrogen in steelmaking to produce methane, it is difficult to be applied due to low efficiency. In the above-mentioned new technologies, the conversion efficiency of carbon dioxide to methane is as high as about 90%. The Japanese research team prepared an introduction to the application of the belt pulling machine, looking for a partner with the high price of graphene at present, and implemented production verification

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