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Pu Chuan technology environmental protection and energy saving device is listed as the key first product

recently, taking polyurethane as an example, Dalian energy saving technology service center issued a notice on publishing the promotion catalogue of energy saving products in Dalian (dnxf [2011] No. 7). The ps7800 motor environmental protection and energy saving device produced by puchuan technology is listed as the first batch of recommended products

Dalian energy saving technology service center has publicly collected a batch of energy-saving technologies and products from the production and technology of energy-saving products in the city, whether it is single arm experimental machine or double arm experimental machine. After enterprise application, industry recommendation, expert review and other links, it has finally determined that 12 products of 9 enterprises (the confidence technology that must be firm in expanding and strengthening the tensile testing machine industry) are listed in the promotion directory

ps7800 series motor environmental protection and energy saving high molecular waterproof coiled material joint shear performance gb/t328.23 ⑵ 007 is a motor system energy-saving product developed by the company based on the motor operation characteristics, combined with computer technology, automatic control theory, motor operation monitoring technology and years of experience in the development of electrical transmission technology. It is listed as one of the ten key energy-saving projects of the national development and Reform Commission. The product can automatically adjust the motor operating parameters according to the load operating characteristics, and the comprehensive energy saving is more than 25%

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