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Leading the development of high-altitude safety work, Zhejiang Dingli T50 summit won double honors

leading the development of high-altitude safety work, Zhejiang Dingli T50 summit won double honors

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on September 21, 2015, by China Construction Machinery Industry Association, American equipment manufacturers association The "third global construction machinery industry conference and top 50 summit" (T50 Summit for short) Co hosted by the Korea construction machinery industry association was successfully held in Beijing. Zhejiang, a leading brand in the field of aerial work platforms in China, benefited from BYK's 10 point understanding of the development trend of the industry and customer needs, and won two honors at one stroke

as the promoter of China's high-altitude safety work and the reformer of the development of the high-altitude work platform industry, Mr. Xu Shugen, chairman of Zhejiang Dingli, won the honorary title of "100 influential people in China's construction machinery industry"; As a leading brand in China's aerial work platform industry and the only listed enterprise in the domestic industry, Zhejiang Dingli was ranked 38th in the "2015 top 50 Chinese construction machinery manufacturers", and also the first enterprise in the field of aerial work platforms in the list

in 2005, Mr. Xu Shugen established Zhejiang Dingli with a forward-looking international vision, and led Zhejiang Dingli to successfully lead the country for many times, while the development trend of the internal aerial work platform industry was gradually weakened due to its influence. In the past 10 years, under the development trend of high starting point and high speed, Zhejiang has made great efforts to rapidly span three development stages: from Chinese quantity to Chinese quality, from traditional equipment to intelligent equipment, and from industry pioneer to industry leader. As the industry leader with the most complete varieties, the highest height and the most core technologies in China, Zhejiang has made great efforts to seize the opportunity to rapidly expand the market, and its products have been increasingly widely used in all walks of life. Mr. xushugen has also won many honorary titles in the industry, such as "the promoter of China's high-altitude safe operation" and "the reformer of China's high-altitude operation platform industry"

picture source: MIT now, Zhejiang Dingli has six series of aerial work platforms with more than 80 specifications, including self-propelled straight arm, curved arm, scissor fork, aluminum alloy mast column, mast column climbing and aerial reclaiming platforms, which serve many fields such as municipal administration, electric power, shipbuilding, aviation, aerospace, high-speed rail, elevated, plant construction, etc. by strengthening product after-sales service and post optimization, Realize the synchronous improvement of services and products, and provide users with a more safe and efficient aerial work system solution

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