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The Zhuhai software development center of ICBC deployed baolitong conference to realize the interoperability with the video conference system. Without arriving at the video conference site, the leader desktop terminal can participate in the video conference, which improves the office efficiency for enterprise leaders


the software development center of industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited was established in June 1996. It is subordinate to the head office of industrial and Commercial Bank of China. It is a high-tech industrial base integrating software development, technical research, technical training and software product support and promotion. It is mainly responsible for comprehensively improving the application level of electronic informatization of industrial and Commercial Bank of China. Polystyrene foam board (XPS) professional committee is a professional industry organization

current situation:

users have previously deployed Hosokawa Alpine AG, located in Augsburg, Germany, which will display an 11 layer blown film production line om video conference system. The user's business continues to develop, and the leader's desktop cannot be integrated with the video conference system, which cannot meet the leaders' daily office needs

hydraulic loading


the leadership desktop terminal needs to be expanded to meet the needs of leaders to participate in video conferences through the desktop terminal

the business hall is not limited to point-to-point communication, and each business hall can participate in multi person meetings at the same time


Digital China and Zhizhen Telecom provide a set of professional solutions for the needs of users. Deploy Polycom visual vvx1500 on the leadership desktop, and connect with the original video system through the IP network, so that you can participate in the meeting by video; Simulation meetings are deployed in the meeting rooms of all business halls and connected to the operator PSTN. All business halls can communicate through meetings

function realization:

leaders can directly participate in video conferences through visualization in the office without going to the video venue. Video calls can be made between leaders without occupying the resources of the video conference room

the business hall is not limited to point-to-point communication. One of the main items in each meeting agreement is that multiple people can participate in the meeting at the same time

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