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Xiamen Caimao: a rising leader in the wireless communication industry. As a dual software enterprise focusing on the field of high-tech, Caimao communication has developed rapidly in the past decade, and gradually established an important position in the domestic wireless communication field. At the same time, Caimao's complete set of products in the wireless communication industry chain is in full bloom, close to the development level of wireless communication in the world's developed countries. After more than ten years of development, wireless data transmission products have gone through a long process from the original concept propaganda and cultivation to being fully accepted by the industrial control industry. The wireless network has also changed from GPRS network, CDMA network, 3G network, and now 4G network. The data speed has changed from 10 K to 100m. The wireless network communication mode has achieved a qualitative leap. With the evolution of network and the revolutionary improvement of communication rate, as well as the deep cultivation of wireless data transmission fields such as experimental temperature, experimental speed, experimental force, sample size, experimental time, including many other enterprises such as Caimao, a full series of data transmission products for the field of industrial control have been formed. As the earliest pioneer of IOT enterprise, Caimao takes industrial data transmission as its own responsibility. For more than ten years, it has been working in the field of industrial data transmission. From language communication, to SMS communication, to 2g/3g/4g data communication, to 3g/4g video monitoring, Caimao has come step by step. Through its own efforts, it has brought industrial data transmission from the data age to the era of audio, data and video integration

for the first time this year, Caimao will bring all three major series of products, including communication data transmission terminals, routers and video surveillance, to the National Convention and Exhibition Center. In this Industrial Expo, Caimao communication has the largest number of exhibitions in terms of both the quantity and quality of its products. With the help of the Industrial Expo, an exhibition platform representing China's highest level industrial products, Caimao will show the audience at home and abroad the strong R & D and innovation strength of China's industrial line communication industry without China and Mongolia as a comprehensive strategic partnership. During the Industrial Expo, we had the honor to interview Mr. Lai Chuanyou, general manager of Xiamen Caimao. General manager Lai took us to the scene to learn more about the new products

general manager Lai introduced that Caimao company launched four full series of industrial 3g/4g wireless video monitoring products at this meeting, including 1. 3g/4g high-definition video monitoring, which supports 1080p and 720p formats; 2. 3g/4g standard definition video monitoring, which supports D1 and CIF formats; 3. 3g/4g high-definition video monitoring with encryption; 4. 3g/4g standard definition video monitoring with encryption

the functions of Caimao's wireless video monitoring and video monitoring products on the market cover all the functions of video monitoring equipment on the market:

1, video playback

2, video recording (2t space)

3, video storage

4, video capture

5, video playback

at the same time, it is different from the video monitoring functions commonly seen in the market, mainly in seven characteristics:

1 The whole system adopts industrial design, which is suitable for harsh industrial environment applications

2. It supports 3g/4g wireless video transmission and wired video monitoring, and can realize dual channel or dual backup

3. It supports Ethernet interface, and realizes perfect router function

4. It supports rs232/rs485 interface, and realizes DTU function

5. It integrates rich i/o interfaces, and can directly connect temperature, humidity, door magnetism and other sensors

6 Support video two-way intercom, alarm

7, support Beidou/gps positioning

8, support track playback

6, support large TV screen, centralized management and monitoring of TV wall

7, the operating temperature range of the whole machine is -35 ~ 75 degrees

in the interview, general manager Lai also introduced the role of Caimao Tongxin in promoting the IOT trend of China IOT. Caibogor is the overall solution provider in the comprehensive promotion of IOT, a new trend. The boom of IOT is just beginning, and there are still decades of prosperity in the future, which will bring great business opportunities and benefits. According to the estimates of international experts who pay attention to the development of IOT, the business opportunities of IOT will reach $2 trillion in 2020, and the number of IOT devices will reach 25billion, with an annual growth rate of 35% compared with 3.7 billion in 2014. Such growth is rare in other markets, creating great business opportunities and benefits

if traditional enterprises want to seize the huge business opportunities of IOT, they must follow the transformation and transform the traditional industrial structure from a closed vertical supply chain to an open platform ecosystem connected with IOT, so as to grasp the huge disruptive market of IOT. Transforming traditional enterprises to connect, communicate and communicate with machines can help traditional enterprises transform into intelligent communication advanced enterprises, help enterprises make smarter products, enable smarter business operations and make smarter decisions. When measuring PS, we should pay special attention to the decision of inspection, and even change the original business model. Caimao communication can provide a complete communication scheme. From communication products, network background and solutions, Caimao has provided various products and solutions for the comprehensive development of IOT

Caimao communication has become a one-stop equipment supplier that can provide industrial control needs at home and abroad, and a leading enterprise in the industry of IOT. The products cover a full range of products, including SMS alarm, data transmission, Beidou Positioning, WiFi coverage and video monitoring, to meet various application needs of the industrial control industry. The next few years will be the golden age of wireless data transmission products in the field of industrial control, and will usher in a brilliant era

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