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LDPI UK lettingdesai lighting design project Xi'an SKP won the Asian real estate award

it opened for just a few months. Located in the southeast corner of yongningmen, Xi'an SKP, the core area of the South Gate Business District, has quickly become a new landmark for shopping, leisure and entertainment in the ancient city of Xi'an, and even began to affect the lifestyle of people in this city and surrounding areas. In October 2016, LDPI UK lighting design partner firm lettingdesai got involved in the project and gradually completed the exterior facade and interior lighting design. This is another cooperation between LDPI and Beijing Hualian Group after Beijing SKP lighting design

Xi'an SKP continues the business positioning of Beijing SKP and is committed to building a top luxury retail business center in Xi'an and even the northwest. The design style also comes down in one continuous line with Beijing SKP. The facade is a glass curtain wall composed of three black honeycomb patterns of different depths. LDPI hides the 3000K DMX controlled LED linear light under the copper plated metal frame, which highlights the structural characteristics of the curtain wall and brightens the decorative surface at the same time, making it eye-catching in the night. In the early design process, 1:1 templates were made in the core area of the facade and part of the indoor space LDPI to ensure the accuracy of the design

the interior design of the project adheres to the standards of unity and uniqueness and is achieved through the excellent design of floors, ceilings and lighting on each floor. High end international luxury brands and other international and local popular brands thus coexist harmoniously. Indoor lighting adopts high color rendering (90+) led lamps to ensure that the goods listed in the mall are displayed perfectly. Except for the 4000K color temperature used in the cosmetics area on the first floor and the atrium on the third floor, the color temperature of lamps in other areas is 3000K for the metal faced rigid polyurethane sandwich board jc/t868 ⑵ 000. The appropriate light environment can well meet the personalized lighting needs of each area

LDPI British lighting design partner firm lettingdesai not only completed the lighting design of the public area of Xi'an SKP project, but also carried out the lighting design of Zhongdao, the lighting design of some shops (1F clock area, 1F Camille fournet and 2F corthay), the lighting design of some restaurants, the lighting design of rendez vous concept bookstore, SKP cinema and BHG supermarket

in November, 2018, Xi'an SKP, which opened for half a year, won the 2018 Asia real estate awards Asia Pacific Annual excellent commercial real estate award with the concept of fashion to affirm the position of the activity beam and scientific and modern management, which is the result of the close cooperation and joint efforts of Hualian Group and many teams participating in this project. LDPI lighting design partners of lettingdiesel UK is very honored to participate in it. With the progress of the times and the continuous improvement of people's requirements for the shopping environment, lighting design plays an increasingly important role in the design of commercial projects. A harmonious and unified light environment can significantly improve the overall style and taste of the project, provide a perfect shopping experience for visiting customers, so as to stimulate consumption and bring practical business benefits such as fixtures, jaws, connecting pins, etc. to the owners

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