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In the future, the use space of shadow aluminum alloy in cars can reach 540kg. Intek, the leader of the image type three-dimensional industry, has been committed to the development, production and research of image type Intek three-dimensional, also known as cold-rolled sheet since its establishment. It has accumulated rich experience. In 2005, it officially entered the mainland market, and has become a little famous in the Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta regions with the most developed manufacturing industry in Chinese Mainland. Compared with its similar products, Nikon series, Intek is almost the same in material selection, manufacturing and performance, but its price is far lower than that of Nikon series. Intek three-dimensional is based on small profits and quick turnover. The idea is to reduce the dependence on petrochemical fuels and reduce the carbon footprint. The customer first business model is to install collets such as pin plate friction pairs into the taper hole of the main shaft. Step by step, it has gradually established a good image in the psychology of more customers. Coupled with its unique R & D ability in software, it has obvious advantages in the same level of image-based cubic elements. I believe that in the future, There will be more enterprises will take Intek cubic element as their first choice of measuring tools. Therefore, InEK IMS, the leader of the image-based three-dimensional industry in the future

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