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The perfect "first show" of the leader East China XCMG's largest meter pump truck

the perfect "first show" of the leader East China XCMG's largest meter pump truck

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legs, arms, feeding, and the exquisite arm frame are as relaxed and smooth as a dragonfly - on July 15, XCMG hb75k pump truck achieved its perfect first show in Suzhou Industrial Park

as XCMG's largest pump truck at present, the digital display of one cut data to zero in the control panel hb75k deeply integrates XCMG's 70 years of lean manufacturing accumulation and Germany's 80 years of leading technology accumulation of schweiying sensitivity. Using the industry's first digital bionic 7-arm technology, it can achieve 360 degree cloth, and its efficiency, energy saving and other indicators are much better than similar products. It is a veritable "Star pump truck"

At the beginning of July, XCMG hb75k successfully achieved sales and successfully settled in Suzhou, becoming the largest pump truck in East China. As soon as the product was delivered, the customer received an order: pouring the four storey column roof beam and slab of the test center phase III project of the low temperature insulated gas cylinder production expansion project of Sinoma Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. The building height of the test center is only about 20 meters, but the span is more than 60 meters. The previous 63m pump truck, the highest in Suzhou, can no longer meet the construction needs. XCMG hb75k pump truck made a brilliant debut

at 5:45 on July 15, there was still a light rain in the sky. Wu Tao, the executive vice president of XCMG Shi Weiying marketing company, the sales manager of Huadong District, Shen Qianli, the director of pumping Research Institute, and Zhang Haibo, the director of Suzhou Representative Office, entered the construction site together with hb75k products, and successfully completed the positioning, lubrication and other work in the rain. At 8:18, in the expectant and nervous eyes of everyone, hb75k poured 550 square meters of concrete at one time, and a lot of cheers broke out on the scene

"boom jitter is small, fretting is good, and the work is stable!" "By 2020, Hu Yugen, the person in charge of Suzhou Xin'an Construction Machinery Leasing Service Co., Ltd., nodded with excitement. They were very satisfied with the 5-meter pump truck XCMG 7 purchased not long ago by cooperating with signal comparison, component exchange and other methods: "The average pumping speed is 120 cubic meters per hour, and the pumping suction efficiency can reach more than 90%. The reliability of the whole machine is high, which is too easy to use! I calculated that compared with the 63 meter pump truck, hb75k can save half of the labor cost and one third of the working hours."

Hu Yugen also said that now the construction of high-rise buildings is in full swing, and XCMG hb75k pump truck with excellent performance must be able to make great efforts to lead East China

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