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Leading the industry, ZTE launched two two-way 4K Ultra HD video terminals

on March 25, the road building digital economy and win-win cloud ecology ZTE 2021 cloud ecology summit was grandly held in Nanjing, the ancient capital of Six Dynasties. At this conference, ZTE took the lead in the industry and took the lead in releasing two two-way 4K ultra-high definition video terminals, smart collaboration video terminal xt501 and cutting-edge Pratt & Whitney video terminal xt602. So far, ZTE has completed the layout of a full range of 4K UHD video products end-to-end, and fully opened 5g UHD video

xt501 is the industry's first collaborative, two-way 4K integrated video terminal, which adopts h.265 coding and 100% self-developed audio and video technology to achieve the main and auxiliary streams of 4k30fps ultra-high definition image quality; The ultra silent pan tilt is equipped with a 72 degree wide-angle lens, giving you a panoramic view. At the same time, it has achieved seamless integration with cloud computing, directly integrating cloud computing clients, scanning the code to log in to the cloud desktop system, one machine for multiple purposes, and sharing cloud computing resources

xt602 is a two-way 4K split video terminal, which only needs 1m bandwidth to realize the main function. It also ensures the engineering quality of key projects. The auxiliary flow two-way 4k30fps ultra-high definition image quality, stronger network anti packet loss ability, and is equipped with rich audio and video interfaces (Video 3 in 3 out, audio 8 in 7 out), which can be called the best preferred product in medium and large conference rooms

to meet the development trend of cloud conference, ZTE synchronously launched a new SVC AVC integrated cloud conference platform at this summit. In SVC mode, the user can freely control the split screen mode, choose to watch the picture at will, send and receive the code stream on demand, strengthen the network anti packet loss ability, and reduce the conference delay. At the same time, the new platform supports hard terminals, software terminals, and hardware m-sources. Most enterprises will be "stuck" by various administrative approvals when entering the 23rd tier cities. The coniferous pulp from the United States accounts for about 20% of the total. The comprehensive compatibility and flexible deployment of Cu software MCU will build the video fusion ability, support the rapid penetration of more businesses, and promote the sustainable development of efficient and collaborative office of enterprises

change the vision and lead the future. ZTE cloud video's video products have been developing for 27 years. It is the first manufacturer in China to release video terminals with independent intellectual property rights. It is also the manufacturer with the world's first 5g+4k ultra-high definition video terminals. It has twice won the national highest award - the national science and technology progress award, and has a core patent of 600+

in 2021, ZTE cloud video will comprehensively layout the cloud + end + industry, work with partners to expand more levels vertically and empower more industries horizontally, so as to jointly create a new era of more integrated, innovative and open video. Starry Sea, never stop

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