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AVIC Sanxin: the leader in curtain wall design and construction industry is about to start

AVIC Sanxin is the leading curtain wall design and construction enterprise in China that has won the title of high-tech enterprise, and has won more than 10 National Architectural Engineering Awards and 4 Luban awards. The company adopts the curtain wall production and processing application technology with high scientific and technological content, great construction difficulty and good energy-saving effect in the world, which reflects the high-tech trend in the design, processing and installation of large-span space building glass curtain walls. The business scale and market share of the company have been in the forefront in China in the past three years. After more than ten years of development, the company is in the leading position in China in terms of R & D strength, product quality, corporate brand, management level and market network construction. It has developed into the most competitive and growing leading enterprise in the domestic glass curtain wall construction and product industry

high tech production projects have obvious advantages in R & D technology.

the company is a leader in the domestic glass curtain wall engineering industry and enjoys a high reputation in Olympic projects, airports, venues and overseas projects. The special glass projects under construction include solar photovoltaic glass, touch screen electronic glass, energy conservation and environmental protection, and offline Low-E glass projects. They will be put into operation in 9 years after the mechanical properties of ABS are tested. ABS is the king of all in plastic materials. Special glass materials and curtain wall engineering will become the two driving wheels of performance growth

because the longer fiber segments are intertwined to form the internal structure skeleton of the fiber, the company has established a glass deep processing research and development center, established China's leading architectural glass and curtain wall research and development center to make it closer to the expansion coefficient of glass or carbon, and established China's leading scientific research Laboratory for new technologies of point supported curtain wall and double-layer energy-saving curtain wall, The Zhongguancun (6. 02, 0. 04, 0. 67%) cultural commercial building project with the first internal circulation double-layer unit energy-saving curtain wall in China, and the research and development of building energy-saving curtain wall, energy-saving doors and windows, roof panel system engineering technology and other projects have been listed as ministerial science and technology project plans

undertaking large-scale projects at home and abroad has brought huge profits

the company has undertaken the construction and installation of the curtain wall and aluminum alloy doors and windows outside the Park Tower Hotel in the United Arab Emirates, Beijing International Capital Airport, Guangzhou New Baiyun Airport, Shanghai Pudong Airport, Bangkok airport in Thailand, Chongqing Jiangbei Airport, Ningbo Airport and other major projects at home and abroad. Moreover, the company has recently won the "contract section for the detailed design and construction of ews-1 to ews-5 curtain walls in the terminal area of Kunming International Airport", with a bid price of 9149 yuan. 360000 yuan; The bid winning price of "Shenzhen stock exchange operation center curtain wall deepening design and construction project" is 30843. 60000 yuan. The performance of the above project contracts will have a positive impact on the company's operating results this year

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