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Baoxin software: industrial software leader

Shanghai Baoxin Software Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Baoxin software) is a listed software enterprise controlled by Baosteel. The company is headquartered in Zhangjiang High Tech Park, Pudong, Shanghai. It is a key software enterprise in the national planning and layout. Adhering to it services, Gary Cheng said: "We carefully controlled the geometry of this graphene aerogel gel for single yarn stretching and other tests, and the service concept of improving information value. Baoxin software provides a comprehensive solution of enterprise informatization main ring and middle main ring, which can be circular or other appropriate sections: automation system integration and operation and maintenance, urban intelligent transportation, road, bridge and tunnel monitoring, rail transit monitoring, electromechanical engineering contracting, electromechanical integration products and electromechanical equipment maintenance Solution

in recent years, the company has increased the pace of technological innovation and further enhanced its market competitiveness. In 2011, the company achieved an operating income of 3.145 billion yuan and an operating profit of 246 million yuan. The R & D investment rate reached 5.52%

in terms of informatization solutions, MES production software further improves the technical content, and APS advanced scheduling has been successfully applied in many manufacturing enterprises. For small and medium-sized metallurgical enterprises, Baosight be2, an integrated production, supply and marketing solution integrating MES and ERP, was successfully released. This product is in a leading domestic and world-class position, laying a solid foundation for Baoxin's future market expansion

the innovative breakthrough of baoshine EMS energy system prediction and scheduling model software has made the application of EMS energy system explosive growth in the country and in a dominant position in the domestic market competition. In terms of intelligent engineering, ICV related products with Baoxin's own intellectual property rights have further matured and have been widely used in mining, building, municipal, water, rail, intelligent transportation and other projects

Baosteel has further improved its ability to serve the main business in order to support the digital Baosteel strategy. In recent years, Baosteel has continued to strengthen its capacity-building and successfully completed the construction of key customer projects in Baosteel. While making outstanding achievements in business fields such as informatization, automation, intelligence, operation and maintenance services, it has accumulated valuable experience and laid a solid foundation for the development of external markets

in the process of gradual maturity of various businesses, market expansion has also made breakthroughs. Among them, the energy management system has gone out of the steel industry and entered other manufacturing industries; Therefore, the accuracy of the signal is the first consideration when designing the hardware system of the tension machine. The informatization of small and medium-sized enterprises has successfully developed the Taiwan market; Mechanical and electrical surface testing products have been successful in beating Japanese manufacturers; The mining business has been successfully expanded to the market in Xinjiang

in the emerging business market that Baoxin has long attached importance to, it has also made considerable progress in recent years. In the financial field, focusing on the construction of Shanghai financial center, we have further expanded the extension of non bank financial business in the field of third-party payment business; The successful delivery of projects such as China foreign exchange trading center and China UnionPay once again improved the company's solutions for business intelligence applications in the financial industry

in the field of large transportation, the annual performance has stabilized at more than 100 million yuan in recent years. Baoxin software focuses on the subject of smart city, highlights the characteristics of intelligence and green, and focuses on the development of rail transit, transportation hubs, smart parks and other business areas

at present, Baoxin has established its strategic positioning to become a leader in industrial software and an innovator in modern service industry. In the future, the company will continue to improve its own mature products on the basis of its existing business, explore the business model of emerging technologies such as cloud computing and IOT, and finally realize the rapid growth of the enterprise through national layout and overseas marketing. It is planned that by the end of 2018, Baoxin will be among the Chinese software enterprises with an operating revenue of 10 billion yuan

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