The hottest nano coatings and the new military rev

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Nano coatings and the new military revolution

nano coatings and the new military revolution

March 22, 2001

in the 1980s, German scientists first prepared nano bulk materials and made systematic research on their various properties. From then on, nanotechnology has attracted widespread attention. Nanometer is a very small unit of length. One nanometer is equal to one billionth of a meter. Nanotechnology is to rearrange and combine atoms, molecules or atomic groups and molecular groups from long process to short process, forming new substances. It is expected that just as the microelectronic technology introduced B fixture itself in the 1970s to send out information on the ultra poor centrality of air quality ammonia determination of ion selective electrode method gb/t 14669 (9) 3 revolution, nanotechnology

will become the core of the technological revolution in the 21st century. Similarly, nano coating technology will play a certain role in the new military revolution

improve the strike and protection capabilities of conventional weapons. Applying nanotechnology to add materials with special properties to products or forming a layer of special materials on the surface of products can produce new properties, such as making fragile ceramics have

toughness, bending resistance similar to iron, or special rigidity. The hardness of carbon nanotube that has been manufactured now is about 100 times that of steel. It is conceivable that the use of nanotechnology in weapon manufacturing can greatly improve the penetration and destructive power of weapons

warheads to targets, as well as the protection ability of weapons and equipment. In the future, bulletproof armored vehicles may

produce miracles that make missiles slide or bounce back

improve the stealth performance of weapons and equipment. Some nano solids have uniform absorption properties to electromagnetic waves in a wide spectrum range. The absorption effect of a solid film with a thickness of tens of nanometers is the same as that of the existing absorbing materials 1000 times thicker than it. The absorption rate of radar waves by the nano stealth coating ultra black powder developed by the United States is 99%. Coated with nano absorbing materials on the surface of strategic bombs, missiles and other offensive aircraft, it can effectively absorb the electromagnetic waves of enemy air defense radar (nano materials are contained in the coating on the surface of B-2 stealth bombs); Adding nanoparticles to smoking agents can play a very good shielding role against the ground, and mixing with soil can shield important military facilities such as underground command posts

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