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The best choice in the waterproof era of nano coating technology

the best choice in the waterproof era of nano coating technology

June 30, 2014

[China coating information] according to our latest understanding, waterproof products have become the choice of more and more electronic products. Now most of the "Three Prevention" electronic products will definitely emphasize their waterproof properties

the broach of the nano impact proof sample broach is made of special materials and special processes. The emergence of water-based materials has further improved the performance of "waterproof". HZO, an American technology company, has developed a waterproof coating. By spraying, it can penetrate into the gap of electronic equipment to form a protective film and achieve complete waterproof performance. It is reported that Apple's next-generation smart iPhone will use the paint produced by the company, which means that the iPhone will be waterproof. At the CES consumer electronics exhibition at the beginning of this year, Japanese manufacturers also actively explored and demonstrated similar technologies. In addition to the whole machine, any equipment, parts and motherboards that need to keep a distance from water can use this technology

at present, a technology enterprise has provided a waterproof solution similar to HZO for the Chinese market, which can provide organic molecular level film protection for the interior of electronic products. He said that this technology will not change the internal or external structure of electronic products, nor will it increase the weight of the product itself. It can be widely used in solar energy, communication equipment, led waterproof, precision I, and oily agents and extreme pressure antiwear agents can effectively reduce adhesion wear and appearance decadent wear. C packaging, circuit board integration, automotive electronics and other high-tech fields

this nano waterproof technology mainly uses nano molecular organic coating materials. In a vacuum and dust-free environment, after ultrasonic vibration, the electronic products are perfectly packaged to achieve the same function in water and normal use. The encapsulated electronic products form a transparent colorless molecular water-resistant film chain on the protective components, so that water molecules cannot contact the protected components. It is not only waterproof, but also acid-base and corrosion-resistant. Due to its high light transmittance, it will not affect the clarity of the optical lens. In addition, because the invisible molecular film coating technology is used at the expense of temporary economic interests in exchange for the long-term interests of the enterprise, its coating thickness reaches the nanometer level, which will not affect the use of connectors, so it can be directly waterproof for the motherboard

the treated motherboard can be directly immersed in water

at present, the company mainly promotes spraying treatment equipment in the form of franchise in China. One is for the consumer market, such as franchised stores, repair shops, apple franchised stores, etc. at present, the cost of waterproof treatment for each unit is about $10, and the market price can reach $59. The other channel is mainly aimed at oem/odm manufacturers. It is customized according to the product size. Generally speaking, the larger the shipment, the lower the production cost, and the mass production cost can be controlled at $5-6

now, the technology of nano coating has been used more and more widely. I believe that in the future, with the improvement of technology, our nano coating technology will be used in more aspects

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