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Nano carbon anti-corrosion conductive coating passed the evaluation

nano carbon anti-corrosion conductive coating passed the evaluation

December 31, 2003

Wuhan 21st century anti-corrosion relaxation testing machine horizontal horizontal tensile structure technology Co., Ltd. 'nano digital display all-round testing machine, microcomputer screen display hydraulic machine all-round testing machine Microcomputer controlled hydraulic servo electromechanical all-round experimental machine and other meter carbon corrosion-resistant conductive coating, and various control speeds can also be switched at will. Material preparation and its application in grounding corrosion prevention of power system 'project recently passed the achievement appraisal presided over by Hubei Provincial Department of science and technology. Experts at the meeting believed that this achievement is innovative in the preparation technology of nano carbon. After testing, the main technical indicators of nano carbon anticorrosive conductive coating, such as adhesion, impact strength, salt and alkali resistance and conductive aluminum, are better than domestic similar products

corrosion and protection of power system grounding is a very active topic in International Electrotechnical academic activities. In recent years, with the increase of power capacity and voltage level in China, the domestic use of chromium oxide grinding paste has repeatedly caused major power operation accidents due to the corrosion of power system grounding. The corrosion, burning and reconstruction of AC grounding will cause huge economic losses; The indirect economic losses caused by long-term and large-scale power outages cannot be calculated. Wuhan 21st century Anticorrosion Technology Co., Ltd. is undoubtedly of great significance

this scientific and technological achievement adopts the electrostatic field visual classification process to prepare nano carbon, which has the characteristics of controllable particle size and low cost. The surface modification process of nano carbon overcomes the secondary agglomeration of nano carbon in the coating, so that it can be evenly and stably dispersed in the coating. Nano carbon and organic polymer materials penetrate each other with almost the same order of magnitude particle size, and there is no obvious interface. Due to the use of nanotechnology, the coating has better reinforcement, sealing and conductivity, and the electrolyte solution cannot penetrate into the interior of the coating, so the carbon steel for power grounding is effectively protected from corrosion

the participating experts suggested that this scientific and technological achievement should be extended to the lightning protection and grounding of military facilities such as radar stations, ammunition depots, oil depots, etc. as soon as possible, so as to play a role in the construction of national defense facilities in China

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