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Nanoco and Plessey have reduced the full-color microled pixels by 87% through quantum dots

according to foreign media reports, Plessey semiconductors and nano technologies recently announced a cooperation to reduce the pixel size of a single microled display using nano's cadmium free quantum dot (cfqd) semiconductor nano particle technology

using its existing monolithic process, Plessey integrates nano Co's cfqd quantum dots into selected areas of blue LED wafers to add red and green light. In this way, the smallest actual pixel size will be reduced from the current 30 μ M reduced to only 4 μ m. Decreased by 87%. This process will be able to provide smaller and higher resolution microled displays for applications such as AR/VR devices, watches and mobile devices, while enhancing color rendering and energy efficiency

for 30 μ For pixels of M or larger, at present, color conversion is mainly carried out by adding phosphors to blue die. However, since the smallest phosphor particle is about 30 μ m. Therefore, with the reduction of pixel size, the color conversion efficiency also decreases. However, nanoco's cfqd quantum dot technology overcomes this limitation and provides efficient and compact device packaging

mike Lee, President of Plessey enterprise and business development, said, "quantum dots provide the best solution for today's emerging displays. The nano emitter with narrow-band emission makes it a suitable solution for the roadmap of Plessey's microled displays. In 2014, to guide enterprises to increase scientific and technological innovation, the annual pixel size will be reduced to 4 μ m。”

dr. Brian gally, head of nanoco products, said: "we are very happy to cooperate with Plessey, a leading global manufacturer of microled array development and production. The combination of Plessey's blue microled and nano's red and green cadmium free quantum dots provides display customers with the performance required for rapid commercialization of products."

compared with all other display technologies, microleds are brighter, smaller, lighter, more energy-efficient and have a longer service life. In applications that replace OLEDs, such as ar/vr glasses or head up displays, Plessey microleds can provide ten times the resolution, 100 times the contrast and up to 1,00 times the brightness with a relative error of crack length of less than 0 times. Their power consumption is only half, and the battery life of portable devices is doubled. They also have perfect black, realistic colors, and will not age or decay over time

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