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Nano coating technology opens the era of waterproof electronic products

with the improvement of the durability requirements of electronic 3C products, waterproof treatment has become the choice of many electronic products. At present, most outdoor special "three proofing" electronic products will emphasize its waterproof. However, most of them are waterproof through specially processed shells or sleeves, which will also have a certain impact on audio and optical devices

the appearance of nano waterproof materials has further improved the performance of "waterproof". HZO, an American technology company, has developed a waterproof coating. By spraying, it can penetrate into the gap of electronic equipment to form a protective film and achieve complete waterproof performance. It is reported that Apple's next-generation smart iphone5 will use the paint produced by the company, which means that the iphone5 with good sample breakpoints will be waterproof. At the CES consumer electronics exhibition at the beginning of this year, Fujitsu, a Japanese manufacturer, also showed similar technologies in a critical period of moving towards high fidelity in the industry. In addition to the whole machine, any equipment, parts and motherboards that need to keep a distance from water can use this technology

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