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Nanocomposite coating technology is a new nanocomposite coating technology developed by the Metal Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. After testing, it has been successfully used on large transport aircraft, significantly improving the corrosion resistance and overhaul quality of the aircraft. Up to now, three aircrafts using this technology have confirmed the cause of the fault through the transmission of pictures. The line display data collection software shows the technical data of the machine in real time. There are deep research machines. Two of them have been used for 4 years and 4 months after the end of the experiment, and the other one has been used for 2 years and 1 month after the overhaul. The anti-corrosion coatings on the surfaces of the three aircraft are in good condition without aging and failure, which is significantly better than the protective effect of the body coating before overhaul. It is reported that this technology is intended to be popularized and applied in many types of aircraft

due to environmental and other factors, the original aircraft skin coating coated with imported high-grade paint has been powdered and peeled off in less than two years. Local corrosion of the aircraft skin not only reduces the safety of the aircraft, but also increases the maintenance time and greatly reduces the use efficiency

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