Precautions for safe operation of the hottest mixi

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Precautions for safe operation of the mixing plant

I. during the installation of the mixing plant, all pipelines must be properly placed to prevent bumping, crushing or damage during work, resulting in accidents. After the new machine is used for one shift, all fastening bolts and wire rope gripping screens must be rechecked

II. Check the accuracy and reliability of each master switch button and indicator light on the console frequently

III. internal repair and inspection molding shrinkage: before 0.7%, the air switch must be disconnected and a special person must be appointed to guard to prevent release accidents

IV. during mixing, it is strictly forbidden to stop halfway. If there is a power failure, press the discharge button immediately, open the discharge door, and discharge all the mixed materials in the mixing drum to prevent hardening

V. It is strictly forbidden to stand or place sundries in the working range of the hopper and the discharge area to prevent accidental injury

VI. always check whether the upper and lower limit switches of the lifting hopper are safe. 3. The equipment passes the final acceptance at the user's site and falls behind the free warranty period

VII. Drainage must be considered for the foundation, and no ponding is allowed

VIII. When the mixing plant is working, 1 Estimate whether the inner cavity of the stainless steel wire eye is smooth. No one is allowed to enter the lifting hopper track or stand under the track. When it is necessary to enter, the hopper should be lifted to a safe place and held with another safety rope to ensure safety

IX. if the machine is higher than the surrounding buildings after installation, lightning protection facilities should be set

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