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Precautions for safe operation of crawler crane

I. before each shift, the driver must carry out various inspections and maintenance as required before starting the generator. Before starting the engine, put all control levers in neutral position. After starting, this unit should have ideal working characteristics, and pay attention to whether the indication of each instrument is normal. Whether there is abnormal noise. Work can be started only after it is confirmed to be normal

II. Before starting the work, the test run should be carried out first. During operation, first connect the main clutch and then pull the control lever of each mechanism in sequence to check whether the operation of each mechanism is normal and whether the brake is sensitive and reliable. If necessary, adjust or repair the forced mechanical operation

III. before operation, pay attention to whether there are obstacles within the slewing range of the crane

IV. the maximum elevation angle of the boom shall not exceed the original factory regulations. When there is no data to check, the maximum elevation angle shall not exceed 78

v. when lifting heavy objects, the driver should put his feet on the brake pedal and pay close attention to the lifting of the lifted objects, so as not to make the lifting hook reach the top

VI. when lifting at the maximum or close to the rated weight, the crane must be placed on a hard and horizontal ground. If the ground is soft and uneven, measures should be taken. All actions during lifting shall be carried out at a slow speed, and it is forbidden to carry out two actions at the same time

VII. When lifting objects, the ground should be solid and flat, the boom should be in front of the crawler, the height of the weight from the ground should not exceed 0.5 meters, and the brakes of the slewing mechanism and hook must be braked. Cranes are forbidden to be used as transportation machinery

VIII. Do not turn too fast when the empty car is walking. It is forbidden to slide in neutral when going downhill

IX. when working at the edge of a deep pit, the fuselage and the edge of the pit should be kept at a necessary safe distance according to the soil conditions to prevent collapse

X. when the crane is traveling. Avoid driving on soft or unbearable pipes, ditches and ground to prevent overturning or crushing pipes and ditches. If it is necessary to pass, the ground should be paved with solid wood

Xi. The crane cannot run horizontally on the slope, and it is not allowed to rotate the boom towards the lower part of the slope. If it must run or rotate, the fuselage should be leveled

make every effort to build a quality and benefit oriented enterprise. 12. After the work is completed, the engine should be shut down, and the process technologies such as material performance and composition control, production, processing and utilization should be broken through. The control lever should be placed in the neutral position, and each brake should be braked. Drain the cooling water in winter. And lock the cab doors and windows

XIII. Crawler cranes must comply with the general safety technical regulations of lifting machinery

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